Club/Team Compliance

All contact teams must have at least one level 200 coach registered with USAR under that team. Any teams that do not have a level 200 coach registered to them will not be in compliance and will not be issued a certificate of insurance.

If you have a coach who is level 200 but is registered with another club, then your club will show up as non-compliant in USAR's database unless they are also registered to your club.

A coach can duel register by following these steps:

  1. Login to USAR account
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, select "Renew my membership," you may have to select Member home/member area for more drop down options to find it.
  3. Register as a coach for the second club.
  4. **If a coaching membership has already been paid for, then they should not be charged again unless there are separate union/league dues.

Any other coaches associated with a team must also be registered with USA Rugby and have a minimum level 100 coaching certification.