Rosters, Pre-Game Checklist and Match Reports


Before game day, coaches must create a roster MatchApt. Rosters that have been created in Word or Publisher or any other format outside of MatchApt will NOT be accepted.

To learn how to create a roster in MatchApt, click HERE


Pre-Game Checklist

Page two of the roster includes a pregame checklist that must be completed and signed by both coaches on game day and handed to the referee before the game begins.

It is the responsibility of the home team to provide the match report and pre-game checklist.

Part of the pregame checklist requires coaches to check each other's rosters before the game begins. If either coach has an issue with a player on the roster they may discuss it to sort it out and write down the discrepincy on the pre-game checklist. If coaches could not come to an agreement, the game may resume and be played under protest for the Executive Director to review later. If either coach does not wish to proceed with the game for any reason, they may choose to forfeit.

The pregame checklist will be submitted with the match reports.


Match Reports

Page two of the roster also  includes a match report. This is for the Referee to use during the game.

After the game, the referee will give the completed match report and pre-game checklist back to the head coach or team administrator of the home team to submit to Rugby NorCal.

Match reports and pre-game checklists must be submitted by the Tuesday following your game otherwise the game will be recorded as a home-team forfeit.

Options for submitting the match report and pre-game checklist.

  • Scan and email it to
  • Take a picture of it and email it to