Register Your Players

Before the season begins, all players must register. Unlike coaches, administrators/volunteers and referees who register directly with USA Rugby, players must register with their teams. Then, teams register their players with Rugby NorCal through the AdeptSoft CMS

Clubs may accept registration however they like. Some teams use paper registration while others use platforms such as TeamSnap or Sport Engine. Rugby NorCal has partnered with TeamSnap which gives all Rugby NorCal clubs exclusive discounts. Find out more here:

Once players have registered with their clubs, a club administrator or coach must upload all players into Rugby NorCal's Competition Management System and pay to register them with the league. Click here for a list of league registration prices.

Bulk Uploads

Bulk uploads are accepted into the CMS, but must follow proper formatting. Column headings and data must follow the same formatting as excel files downloaded from the CMS. To see how to format your bulk upload spreadsheets go to the MEMBERS tab under the CLUB tab and click the "export to Excel" button at the bottom left.

All phone numbers must be in the following format 707-693-8803

All grades must be listed as a number. i.e. 9, 10, 11, 12. NOT 9th, 10th or nine, ten, etc.

Please ensure all names are the same as the previous year or else a duplicate file will be made. For example if a player registered the previous year as Tom Smith, then he must register as Tom the following year, not Thomas. Otherwise a duplicate profile will be made.