Before you get started with coaching, you will need to get registered and certified to coach. ALL COACHES, whether  you are a head coach, assistant coach, or occasionally help out at practice, MUST BE REGISTERED, BACKGROUND CHECKED, AND CERTIFIED WITH USA RUGBY.

Follow the instructions below:

In order to get certified, every coach must:

  1. Register as a coach with USA Rugby on Sportlomo.
  2. Complete level 100 certification which includes:
    1. Safe Sport Certification
    2. Concussion Awareness Certification
    3. Rugby Ready Certification

Once you have completed the Concussion Awareness and Rugby Ready Certifications, you will need to download your certificates of completion and email them to with your name and CIPP number so that USA Rugby can update your profile. You will not need to do this for your Safe Sport Certifications as their website is linked with USAR and your profile will automatically update once all three safe sport modules are complete.

Every contact team must have at least one, level 200 certified coach. To get level 200 certified, you must first complete the level 100 certification. Once completed, you can register for a level 200 certification coaching course.

If you have a coach who is level 200 but is registered with another club, then your club will show up as non-compliant in USAR's database unless they are also registered to your club.

A coach can duel register by selecting Multi-Role registration or by logging into their Sportlomo profile.

Any other coaches associated with a team must also be registered with USA Rugby and have a minimum level 100 coaching certification.

Coaching Certification Course Info



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Referees, administrators, and volunteers MUST BE REGISTERED AND BACKGROUND CHECKED WITH USA RUGBY.