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Reporting Referee Abuse

REFEREES ARE A CRITICAL PART OF OUR GAME Without them, teams cannot play in a fair and safe manner.

THERE HAS BEEN A SERIOUS LACK OF REFEREES IN YOUTH SPORTS ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY due to the volatile atmosphere that many individuals have to referee in.

NEW REFEREES HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE so they begin gaining experience while refereeing youth. Please be understanding and patient with new referees as they are learning and developing just like players and coaches.

IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT ABOUT A REFEREE please don't yell at the referee. You can email Rugby NorCal Operations Manager at to submit a complaint that will be filed and addressed.

IF  YOU SEE REFEREE ABUSE HAPPENING please report that as well! The more evidence, the better, so video footage or photos are crucial. You can submit any complaints and supporting evidence about referee abuse or abuse toward anyone to Rugby NorCal Operations manager at