Before the season begins, all players must register. Unlike coaches, administrators and referees who register directly with USA Rugby, players must register with their clubs. Then, clubs will register their players with Rugby NorCal through Match Apt. Once players have registered with their clubs, a club administrator or coach must upload all players into Match Apt and pay to register them with the league.

Players can also register with Rugby NorCal and their club separately using a Family Registration link from the club. When players use Family Registration they create a profile in Match Apt, pay Rugby NorCal and CIPP fees seperately from their club dues, and all waivers are automatically uploaded. The club does not need to create a player profile in Match Apt or collect any of the required waivers.

How To Register Players

- Under the ADMIN tab select SRO REGISTER.

- All of your players who are already in Match Apt will populate.

- If you need to add a new player, you can click the green plus sign at the top of the table and enter the appropriate information in all the fields.

- The downward facing arrow will turn yellow to signify that changes have been made/information has been added. You must click that arrow to save your work.

- Select the players who you would like to register by checking the boxes next to their names at the left side of the page.

- Once you have selected the players you would like to register, click the green arrow pointing to the right to go to the next page.

- If you have any players who also referee, you can select the box in the referee column next to their name to register them as a referee as well as a player. Then click the downward facing yellow arrow to save this information before going to the next page. If non of your players need to register as referees, just go to the next page.

- The last page is the payment page. There are different payment options.