How to Create a Roster

Under the LEAGUE tab, select the SCHEDULE tab.

Find the game you are looking to create a roster for and click on your team name to open the roster building page.

Add players to  your roster by typing their roster number in the box to the left of their name. Click the yellow down facing arrow to save.

  • You may notice that it says "No ID", "age unverified" or "grade unverified" next to a player's name. This means they have documentation missing: Either a player headshot, School ID or birth certificate/ passport.
  • If a player is U8-middle school and it says "grade unverified, you can ignore it since school ID verification is only necessary for high school players."
  • If a player is in high school and it says "age unverified" next to their name, you can ignore it since birth certificates/passports are only necessary for youth players.

To see the roster, click the Match Report button at the top of the page.

Page 1 is the roster with player details and emergency contact information.

Page 2 is the blank match report which you must provide for the referee if you are the home team. Page 3 is the headshot page which shows the headshots of the players on  your roster.

To print, open your roster by clicking page 1 and then click the printer button at the top of the page. Then print page 2.

Rosters are mandatory at every league game. Coaches or team admins MUST check each other's rosters BEFORE the game begins and sign off that rosters have been checked on the Pre-Game Checklist. Rosters that are not created and printed from Match Apt will not be accepted.

If anyone participating in the game whether they are a player, coach or referee, is not registered with USA Rugby, None of the people involved in the game will be covered by USAR liability insurance. 

Please ensure that all players on the field are also on the roster and that coaches have their coaching lanyards with current certifications.