How to Complete ID Verification

Under the CLUB tab, select MEMBERS. Go to the player profile whose ID you would like to verify.

Select the yellow smiley face below the player photo to request ID verification. This will take you to the IDs page under the ADMIN tab.

Players who have all the required documentation (headshot and school ID or birth certificate) will have a checkbox to the left of their name, select the checkbox and then click the arrow pointing to the right to go to the next page.

The next page is the payment page. It will tell you that it costs $5 to verify a player but the total should amount to $0. Rugby NorCal covers the cost of ID verification so you will not be charged.

If the photo or supporting documents is rejected, there will be a note in the player profile explaining why it was rejected. Otherwise it will be accepted and they will be eligible to be rostered.