Rookie Rugby

Rookie Rugby is a safe non-contact game for beginners of all shapes and sizes, and is taught in schools and communities around the state.  The goal of Rookie Rugby is to provide a fun and active opportunity for kids to learn the rugby traditions of teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship.  So far we’ve reached over 10,000 kids and we are continuing to grow the program!

Did you know that rugby is the second largest spectator sport in the world and is played by over 4.4 million people in over 100 countries? Rugby provides great opportunities for children of all ages and skill levels!


Rugby NorCal offers free instruction and educational materials on how to start a Rookie Rugby Program and work rugby into your PE Curriculum.  Our staff can run sessions with your students at your schools, or we can just get you acquainted with the basics.


USA Rugby’s Rookie Rugby Club has all the resources you will need to start at team at your school or in your community!  At you can download the guidebook, demonstration outline, brochures, educator presentations and Rookie Rugby games.  Or, read about the basics of the program here: