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RNC’s own Christina Gein wins Premiership Rugby Scholarship

Rugby NorCal’s operations manager Christina Gein loves sport, but none so more than rugby. Christina played football at Fred C Beyer High School in Modesto, before she took her talents to the University of the Pacific, who only had a boy’s rugby team, and decided to teach them a thing or two about what it means to “hit like a girl”! Earning her degree in Sport Management, she then spent time in Uganda volunteering with a non-profit called Gainline Africa, whose mission was to empower youth in war torn regions of northern Uganda through rugby! She has been a coach at her alma mater UOP for the past two seasons. Now, Rugby NorCal’s efficient, pleasant, always helpful and always wonderful operations manager has been awarded a spot on the Premiership Rugby USA program!

This program will pay for Christina to fly to England and be immersed in the professional rugby setup, learn from premiership level coaches, get an inside look on how the premiership is run, and much more. This program was made available to the entire USA rugby community, and only 50 individuals. There will be another round being selected in November, so go to to submit your application.
We sat down to speak w Christina about her opportunity, and here is what she had to say about her upcoming trip:

Q:What does this opportunity mean for you?
A: This is obviously an incredible opportunity. It’s a chance to acquire new knowledge, challenge myself, and grow as a coach and league administrator. It is also a chance grow my professional network and work with other coaches around the country/world in the spirit of solidarity. I know there was a multitude of qualified coaches across the country who applied for this scholarship, so I am extremely humbled, blessed and excited to have been chosen. I look forward to soaking up every bit of this experience and figuring out how I can use it to continue growing and improving rugby throughout NorCal and the U.S.

Q: What do you hope to gain from this unique opportunity?
A: I am not only the Operations Manager for Rugby NorCal, but I am also a coach. I coach at my alma mater, the University of the Pacific, so I anticipate this experience will provide a multitude of opportunities for me to improve my knowledge, skills and network both as a coach and administrator. I hope to see things from a new perspective, be exposed to new, innovative ideas and different ways of thinking so that I can become a better coach and league administrator. Like most people on this trip, I also hope to strengthen my professional network, make new friends and share ideas with other people who have the same passion for rugby!

Q: How I hope to use the experience to improve rugby in northern California
A: For part of the trip, we will get to learn about and partake in Premiership Rugby’s community programs. I am hoping to bring some ideas back from that experience which I can implement in NorCal. Additionally, I am hoping to take the over-all knowledge I gain from this experience to continue creating a better coach development program in Rugby NorCal. I would also like to use the contacts I make to connect our coaches here in northern California to other coaches and programs throughout the US and UK so that they can take advantage of development opportunities of their own.

Good luck Christina! We look forward to hearing about all you’ve learned when you return. Cheerio!