For the first time ever, RNC has decided to not only write up our own news articles concerning our own region! While we are making concerted efforts to improve our service to our community and participants is to provide content worth viewing! We will be looking to put out articles, opinions, and rankings as the season progresses. Keep in mind, these rankings are intended to be for fun and are based on competitions. The ranking system considers 1) win/loss record, 2) league standing, and 3) playoff performance to predict a team’s ranking amongst their peers. Rankings are not 100% accurate and most of the time there is little difference between a spot or two. Every team is more than capable of competing and beating higher ranked opponents so there is a lot of opportunity to move up and down each week. Rankings are updated weekly.

Without further adieu, here is our initial rankings for the 2019 season:

Rugby NorCal High School Rankings – Jan 17, 2019
Rank Team Notes
1 Danville Beat Jesuit for Premier Championship
2 Jesuit Beat Granite Bay
3 Granite Bay Beat Lamorinda
4 Lamorinda Beat SFGG
5 SFGG Beat CK McClatchy in playoffs
6 Elsie Allen Beat De La Salle for D1 Championship
7 CK McClatchy Beat Mother Lode
8 Mother Lode Beat Marin
9 De La Salle Beat Bullard
10 Bullard Beat Cougars
11 Cougars Beat Oakland, Tied Sac PAL
12 Napa Beat Memorial for D2 Championship
13 Memorial Beat Chico, Lost to Bullard
14 Marin Beat Pen Green, Lost to Mother Lode
15 Oakland Beat Sac PAL, Lost to Cougars
16 Sac PAL Beat Elk Grove, Lost to Chico
17 Bellarmine Beat Silicon Valley, Lost to Oakland
18 Elk Grove Beat Chico, Lost to Sac PAL
19 Chico Beat Sac PAL, Lost to Elk Grove
20 Silicon Valley Beat Oakland, Lost to Bellarmine
21 Menlo-Atherton Razorhawks JV ranked 2nd last year
22 Pleasanton Beat Bishop O’Dowd, Lost to Chico
23 Bishop O’Dowd Beat Silicon Valley, Lost to Pleasanton
24 Berkeley Beat Santa Rosa, Lost to Napa
25 Pen Green Beat Solo, Lost to Marin
26 Christian Bros Beat River City, Lost to Chico
27 Edison Beat Buchanan, Lost to Elk Grove
28 Buchanan Lost to Southside
29 Southside Lost Buchanan
30 Santa Rosa Lost to Berkeley
31 Solo Lost to Pen Green
32 River City Lost to Christian Bros
33 Gridley Lost to Christian Bros
34 United Los Gatos Forfiet to Gridley in playoffs
35 Sunnyside Lost to Southside
36 San Mateo Reemerging club
37 Freedom 2nd year club
38 Milpitas 2nd year club
39 Piner New club